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Are you facing trouble with WordPress website or getting an error warning? We are DebDevDoer here to help you fix WordPress website including coding errors, design issues, theme & plugins functionality, and customization. just inform me with details. We will do all the works in a professional way safe and secure. We keep backup of the website before doing complex work.

You can assign us immediately to fix any problem in our wordpress website, But don't try to do complex work yourself if you are not enough expert. You may miss wordpress files or lose website content and database. So be careful. Our wordpress bug fixing service take care of everything, no need to worry.

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Things Need To Diagnosis to Improve WordPress Website


Check wordpress website by useful plugins

Install Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin and check What need to check Server php version, php extensions/Modules, Memory limit, Plugin and cms versions & new updates, Check and troubleshoot wordpress mail functions are working. You will get a default email as it is working, otherwise you will get a error message.


Check by visible error notifications

After getting wordpress bugs or error you may get visible error message on website frontend  or backend WordPress dashboard.  Sometimes soft error notifications may not be visible  in this case you can enable wordpress debug mode in wp-config.php file, you will get wp-config file in wordpress root folder, (Don't do it if you are not wordpress expert, Need to have full control of wordpress core files, content files, and hosting server with database to perform wordpress bug fixes service) You can do it simply by wordpress health check & troubleshooting plugin.


Wordpress security check, hacked and malware scan

If your website got hacked you may got few symptoms, Website will be redirected to another website, Few unknow files and folder will be created,  php, js and database files will contain harmful scripts, You may not login your website, Website may ban by hosting,  Theme files and plugins can't be added, and hosting file permission will be changed, website will not work properly. It will be too slow. After getting these you can scan website online, then you can add wordpress security plugin (wordfence) and do a full scan you will got malware infection report, You may got malware report from hosting support also.


Check Wordpres speed test and slow server diagnosis

Are you facing problem in slow wordpress website? You need to diognosis why website is slow, what make it slow, You can check website online in Gtmetrix, Gtmetrix will show you details report about website speed,  You can check website by Lighthouse, There you will get details report on website speed, SEO, and Structure user experience score.


Website structure and mobile responsive problems

You can check your website from different web browser like Firefox, google chrome, internet Xplore safari etc. If there is any problem you see in any browser then it is  not cross browser supported. Check your website in mobile, tablet, and desktop, see is there any scroll bar, or how it looks, check all the pages if there is any problem in any device. Check the navigation Manu also, very important for mobile device.


Wordpress Google Search & Webmastertools issues

Search website in google line this (site:yourwebsite.com) see how search result appears, If you can't get home URL top of the search result, then it is not indexed in google search, Then check the Titles and short descriptions, And check how you want it to appear in search result. Submit wordpress site in googlewebmastertools and see the coverage tab if there is any error, those need to fix. You can check XML sitemap and robot.txt file if there is an error. You can do a free check-up with our WordPress bug fixing service.


Check few WordPress errors those we frequently find our clients website.

How do we fix bugs on WordPress? Where to hire!

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Giving details - Cause of the problem and, We will give a alternative solution if website is not fixable.

Note: Most orders are delivered within 24 hours unless the work requires more time. Please feel free to contact us or take a free checkup of problematic website before purchasing wordpress bug fix service.
You need to give website Hosting and WordPress administrative username and password.

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