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Are you trying to fix slow wordpress website?
Our wordpress Speed optimization service helping you speed up website & Get rank in google

Why You Need Wordpress Speed Optimization Service


A 1-second delay in page load time may loss 10% conversions.


To get Google rank in first page need to have faster website


Product Showcase from a faster website get ahead in Google product search


People tend to spend more time to read website content on a mobile device


A 1-second late in page load time can decrease customer satisfaction to browse


Slower functionality of a website can lose user trust and abandons cart


Speed optimized is small and website usage fewer hosting resource.


Better user experience increases the amount of visitors to stay online


80% of customer won’t come back to purchase again in slow website

You will get A+ Green result in google PageSpeed Insights & Gtmetrix both Mobile and Desktop. We do all the works in a safe and secure way. Your website will be error-free after our optimization works. We keep backup of the website before starting work. You will get maximum support from us.

Note: Most orders are delivered within 24 hours unless the work requires more time.

What We technically Do To Speed UP WordPress Website?



Speed Optimization (90+)
$ 50 Within 2 Days
  • 90+ PageSpeed Insights & GTmetrix
  • Fix Core Web Vitals
  • Reduce Scripts Size
  • Clean Database and Unused Elements
  • Setup Necessary Plugins
  • Resize and Optimize Images Manually


Speed Optimization + ONPage SEO
$ 150 Within 21 Days
  • Fix PHP coding Errors
  • Fix plugins conflicts
  • Onpage SEO Optimization
  • 90+ PageSpeed Insights & GTmetrix
  • Fix Core Web Vitals
  • Reduce Scripts Size
  • Clean Database and Unused Elements
  • Setup Necessary Plugins
  • Resize and Optimize Images Manually


Fix Errors + SEO + Speed Optimization + SEO Checklist
$ 250 Within 30 Days
  • Fix PHP coding Errors
  • Fix plugins conflicts
  • Do A to Z Complete ONsite SEO Tasks
  • Fix Wordpress Speed Optimization
  • Fix Core Web Vitrals Issues
  • Fix Mobile Responsive Issues
  • Fix ON-Page SEO Optimization
  • Fix On-site Technical SEO Issues
  • Fix Google Search Console Issues
  • Fix ahrefs SEO Checklist

WebDevDoer completed around  5000+ complete web development  projects worldwide within past few years. You can hire us to perform wordPress Speed Optimization Service. We are online 24/7 to replay your Question. It is most exclusive wordpress essential task that need to do. You will be noticed a significant result after getting our speed optimization service.

We will review everything and address the necessary corrections. We will also consider adding any required plugins and adjusting settings to improve performance. Additionally, We will remove any unused elements, plugins, and ensure a responsive design. We will thoroughly test all functionalities and resolve any significant issues. After analyzing the website, including SEO errors, We will provide you with recommendations for any further actions or changes that may be needed.


What our customers say

I highly recommend for anyone looking to optimize their WordPress website's speed and performance. Their expertise, dedication, and commitment to delivering exceptional results are truly commendable. Thanks to their efforts, my website is now faster, more efficient, and better positioned for success in the online world.

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Rank Xpress Creative Design & Marketing

Throughout the entire process, the team at was extremely professional and responsive. They patiently answered all my queries and provided regular updates on the progress of the optimization. Their communication skills were excellent, making the entire collaboration seamless and enjoyable.

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The impact of their work was immediate and remarkable. My website's loading times improved significantly, and the overall user experience became smooth and seamless. I noticed a significant decrease in bounce rates and an increase in user engagement. Moreover, the optimization positively impacted my website's search engine rankings, leading to a noticeable boost in organic traffic.

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SHAPE wlb Inc - Marketing & Communications Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Wordpress speed optimization Service refers to the process of improving the loading speed and overall performance of a Wordpress website. It involves implementing various techniques and optimizations to reduce page load times, enhance user experience, and improve search engine rankings.

A slow website can have a significant negative impact on your business. It leads to a higher bounce rate, as users get frustrated and leave the site before it fully loads. Slow websites also have lower conversion rates, as users are less likely to make a purchase or take the desired action. Additionally, search engines prioritize fast-loading sites, so a slow website may result in lower search engine rankings and decreased organic traffic.
While some basic optimizations can be done by website owners, achieving optimal Wordpress speed often requires technical expertise. Optimizing a Wordpress website involves a deep understanding of various factors, such as server configuration, caching mechanisms, code optimization, and database management. Hiring a professional Wordpress speed optimization service like WebDevDoer ensures that your website receives comprehensive and effective optimizations.
No, Wordpress speed optimization should not impact your site’s functionality. The goal of optimization is to improve performance while maintaining all the essential features and functionality of your website. An experienced optimization service like WebDevDoer takes great care to ensure that your site functions smoothly even after implementing speed optimizations.
The time required to optimize Wordpress speed depends on various factors, such as the complexity of your website, the current performance issues, and the extent of optimizations needed. A thorough speed optimization process may take a few days to a couple of weeks. WebDevDoer follows a systematic approach and strives to optimize your Wordpress speed efficiently and within a reasonable timeframe.
The cost of Wordpress speed optimization varies depending on the specific requirements of your website and the services offered by the optimization service. Factors such as the size of your website, the extent of optimizations needed, and the level of expertise required can influence the cost. WebDevDoer offers tailored speed optimization packages to cater to different website sizes and optimization needs. It is best to contact WebDevDoer directly to discuss your requirements and obtain a personalized quote.

Yes, We keep a backup before doing complex work.

yes, We will help you in the future if you face any problems related to the current issues.